Why emotional intelligence is so important?

Want to develop emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is also known as EQ. It is the ability to understand the use and manage your own emotion in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, comprehend with others, overcome challenges, and cripple conflict. There are different kinds of human emotions such as anger, fear, disgust, happiness, surprise, sadness, contempt, etc. Emotional intelligence helps you grow stronger relationships, achieve your personal goals, succeed at your carrier or school, and work. building up the EQ can help you to connect with your feelings, help you make the proper decision on what matters most to you, turn your intentions into action effectively.

Why emotional intelligence is so important for us?

As we all know that it’s not only the smartest people who are the most successful. In the present context in most of cases, you know the people who are academically brilliant and yet are fail in maintaining social relationships, unsuccessful at work, or in maintaining even their personal relationships.
Your intellectual ability or IQ isn’t enough on its own to achieve success in life. Yes your IQ can help you get in collages but your EQ will help you manage your stress, fear and make you capable or emotionally stronger in facing your final exams. IQ and EQ exist in the troop and are most effective when they act for one another.

Main components of emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves the ability to manage and understands your emotions. Research has found that EQ is linked to everything from academic achievement to decision making in life. So what does it take to make yourself emotionally intelligent? Especially there is 4 major component to make yourself emotionally intelligent they are as follows:


Peculiar motivation plays a very important role in maintaining emotional intelligence. people who are emotionally intelligent are motivated by things a long way off bare external rewards like money, fame, name, recognition, praise, and other things they are happy with themselves. They have not affected what other people say or think about them. instead, they have a passion to fulfill their own inner goals. those people who are motivated tend to be action-oriented they set goals on their own. They are looking for ways to do better in their own life. A high emotional intelligence person is sure to let go and accept the situation happily.

Self Regulation

Emotional intelligence helps us to maintain our own emotions and regulate them according to time and situation. It doesn’t mean to lock-down your emotion or hide your true feelings. It just teaches you how to react or how to express your emotions waiting for the right time, place, and avenue to express them. Self-regulation is all about how you can manage your emotion appropriately.
those people who are proficient in self-regulation are capable to deal with every situation or we can say they are capable to deal with any kind of change in life. They don’t feel difficult to deal with the new place, things, and other changes in their life. Those people are more likely to be able to manage conflict and diffusing chaos situations. they are thoughtful of their action and how they influence others.


Emotional intelligence not only teaches you to recognize your emotion. however, it also teaches you to be aware of your actions, moods, and action on other people. Self-aware individuals also recognize the relationship between the things they feel, how they react, and how it can affect other people. you accept the criticism without anger or blames. Instead of your quick reaction you buildup the ability to see your faults and accept your mistakes. Those people who possess this quality are seen as confident and aware of how other people apprehend them. A high EQ person is comfortable walking in someone else shoe.

Social skills

Being able to interact with other people is another aspect of Emotional intelligence. Those people with good EQ tend to know how to interact with people and make good connections in society. They are found to make very good connections with people in society and are more likely to participate in social activities.

Sign of emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence is a set of skills and behavior that can be learned and developed. Well here are few signs through which you can analyze people with low or higher emotional intelligence.

People with lower EQ

  • Often feels misunderstood
  • Gets upset easily
  • Become overheard by emotions
  • Problem on being strong-willed

People with higher EQ

A step towards improved emotional intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is an ongoing process this journey differs from person to person.following actions lead you to better self-awareness, empathy &social skills.
determine your emotions & name them.

When it comes to happiness and success in life emotional intelligence matters as much as intellectual ability or IQ. Emotions are important pieces of information that tell you about yourself and other which in the face of stress and anxiety may lead you to lose control of yourself .so knowing all the above facts you can somehow learn how to win over your own emotions that may lead you to conflict and win over the situation that shows you weak and makes you emotionally stronger happy and confident and lead you to high Emotional intelligence level.



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