Shortcut keys for all internet browsers

With help of shortcut keys you can do your work fast while suffering your net. Here are few shortcut keys.

  • Press F1 = Help
  • Press F3 = Find something in current Webpage
  • Press F4 = Showing list of websites that you have visited earlier 
  • Press F5 = Reload or Refresh webpage 
  • Press F10 = Open File Menu 
  • Press F11 = Makes your browser Full Screen, F11 to get back to normal
  • Press F12 = View Inspect Element or developer codes like (html/xml/java etc)
  • Press Tab = To go next step or next field 
  • Press Ecs =  To stop current loading….
  • Press Alt+ Home = To go Home Page
  • Press Alt+A =  To go favorite Menu
  • Press Alt+B = To go suggested page
  • Press Alt+C = To go your favorite website 
  • Press Alt+D = To go address Bar
  • Press Alt+E = To go edit menu
  • Press Alt+F = To go File menu
  • Press Alt+H = To Go Help Menu
  • Press Alt+T = To Go Tool Menu
  • Press Alt+V = To Go View Menu

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